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Looking to start a project that needs screw piles?

We are a local full service company providing custom helical solutions for the Brant, Brantford and Norfolk area of Ontario. As contractors, our business focusses on hardscaping and landscaping for your home or companies offices.

The technology we use is 170 years old. Whether you call them helical piles, metal posts, or screw piles, we can take care of your needs.

All you need to do is just call the experts at Postech Brantford when it comes to choosing the perfect foundation. We will inform you of the prices associated with your project, answer your questions and make an appointment with you for installation. Postech Brantford covers Brantford, Waterford, Simcoe, Port Dover, Turkey Point, Scotland and Delhi.

Why Choose Screw Piles for Your Next Project
If you are looking to start a project that needs footings, and were thinking of using concrete, then consider the following:
  • Screw piles are fast to install and get setup. You will be ready to start building as soon as the piles have been driven into the ground. No additional delays required!
  • Postech are fully galvanized steel thermal piles, which we drill into the ground to below the frostline. A pressure gauge on the installation machine reads the torque, as the pile is rotated into the ground, to determine how deep your post has to go for maximum stability.
  • Our posts have an estimated life of 75 years. They also provide a sturdy and stable foundation to resist ground movements due to the soil’s composition or to frost and thaw cycles.
  • Lastly, our posts are also better than concrete.  No need for any bulky messy excavation. Screw piles go in clean. Our Kubota is small enough for tight spaces and comes with lawn tires so to not damage your property.
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Are you searching for a company to add foundations that will last? At Postech Brantford, our posts are the most trusted screw piles ever designed. Guaranteed. We are there to help bring your vision to life and to help guide you through the process with ease.  Our years of experience allow us to guide you in the decisions that work best.

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Postech Brantford is a local Waterford, Ontario Canada contractor. We cover Brantford, Waterford, Simcoe, Port Dover, Turkey Point, Scotland and Delhi

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