If you are a deck builder you are going to love our Postech screw piles so much that they never want to pour concrete footings ever again.

If you are building a deck for yourself or a client then you need Postech screw piles for your decks footings. Whether you are constructing a basic deck or elaborate deck, our screw piles can handle the load.

Say goodbye to digging holes ever again. No more unloading 80-pound bags of cement mix from your truck. Followed by hours of mixing in a wheelbarrow. For larger jobs you would bring in a truck that could damage the driveway or yard and you often still have to wheelbarrow yards of concrete to the backyard.

Not to mention the frost line in the area of Ontario is at 48 inches, and we are also blessed with rocky soil.

Advantages of screw piles over concrete for decks.

  • We install our screw piles in almost all types of soil (except for frozen soils)
    Postech screw piles are thermal piles and are reusable and ecological product.
  • We offer less down time, and lower cost.
  • No landscaping damages.
  • We bring minimal equipment which means we require only simple access.
  • Clean, no excavation needed to install.
  • Planning is limited to installing markers showing the installation site and height above ground needed.

We want to work with you to bring your ideas to life!

Are you searching for a company to add foundations that will last? At Postech Brantford, our screw piles are the most trusted screw piles ever designed. Guaranteed. We are there to help bring your vision to life and to help guide you through the process with ease.  Our years of experience allow us to guide you in the decisions that work best.

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